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The U Salvátora shop

The U Salvátora shop is a retail outlet specialized in the sale of spices. We have been located in the centre of Prague since 1969. Before 1989, the shop was the only specialised place in Czechoslovakia. It eventually became a family-owned business with the second generation being at the helm today.

We sell about 200 kinds of single spices and mixtures. The spices are always fresh and we hand them out in paper bags.

Details about particular kinds of spices and mixtures on offer can be found on our e-shop website. A comprehensive list of spices is available there (availability of some items may depend on the season). If you have a question to ask about the use of some type of spices or if you are looking for a type that is not on our list, e-mail us: korenarstvi(at)prodejnausalvatora.cz.

We will be glad to answer and try to get the spice you need.

Come to get your spices to Náprstkova street (Prague 1)

Our shop has been in Prague for more than 45 years and during its existence it has kept changing substantially which can be especially said about the scale of goods on offer. It was 14 kinds of spices in the sixties while today we sell more than 100 types of single spices and over 100 mixtures. In our outlet, you can also choose from other delicatessen: spreads, oils, vinegars, and pickled vegetables. We have several kinds of dried fruits on sale. Our variety of eau de cologne, which you can buy in various quantities, has proven very popular with customers.

Come and visit us in the friendly environment of our shop in Náprstkova street in Prague 1 or order your spices in our e-shop.

Our shop as it used to be...

The “U Salvátora” (“Salvátor” means “Saviour”) shop opened in Mostecká street in Malá Strana in 1969. At first it was meant to sell products of the Druchema company (drug-store goods)only, and spices were only diversification of the range on offer. The demand for spices was big though, and spices eventually prevailed. We were forced to leave the Malá Strana outlet in the early 1990s as the house was returned to the family that had owned it before the 1948 nationalisation. We have moved several times after that. Since 1997 our shop has resided in Náprstkova street in the Old Town area.

For over 35 years it was Jana Velebilová who was in charge of the shop and made sure that it flourished. It is her daughters' job to do that now: “For us, it is a great honour and obligation at the same time to keep our clientèle’s favour. We are delighted that they do keep coming back.“


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Na zastávce Karlovy lázně
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z tramvají č. 17, 18 a 2 
v obou směrech.

Kořenářství je jen 50 m
od zastávky

Náš obchod se nachází v Praze 1,
pouhých 200 m od Karlova mostu.

Prodejna U Salvátora
Náprstkova 2
110 00 Praha 1
tel.: +420 222 221 161

Otevírací doba:
od 25. 7. do 5.8. DOVOLENÁ
Pondělí 10—18
Úterý 10—18
Středa 10—18
Čtvrtek 10—18
Pátek 22.7. od 10—15.30
Dopravní spojení: tram. č. 17, 18, 2.
Výstupní zastávka Karlovy lázně.
GPS: 50°5'4.020"N, 14°24'51.398"E
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